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Pre-Order Policy


Deposits are non refundable. 

After you place the order and pay the deposit, we will do Virtual Shipping once for you, indicating that we have confirmed your deposit, also means you have successfully ordered this product (Some items are not sure how many we can get, such as custom statues, if they are not available we will refund within 3 days).

Please order before the preorder due date.

Pre-order process: place an order(Deposit)→we do virtual shipping→confirm order successfully→waiting for later payment notice.

Later Payment process: get notice from Email/My Inbox→complete the payment before due date→we arrange delivery

Full Payment Pre-order Products: place an order→wait patiently for shipment

Released Products: place an order→we will send an email with tracking number(before customs clearance)→we will send an email with international tracking number(has entered the recipient country)

For all Figures please check before you open the transparent box, some brands will only accept application for after service when the transparent box unopened.
Payment option:

Deposit - only open in pre-order period
(via Credit/Debit Cards, Bank transfer)

Later Payment - only open after product released (via Credit/Debit Cards, Paypal invoice, Bank transfer)

Deposit+Invoice Paypal Plan+AirShipping(Exc. Au) - After you paid deposit, we will send you an open ended invoice via Paypal, you have option to pay in full or partial payment, you can complete the payment before invoice due time. Product only dispatched after full payment is made. AirShipping fee will be included in the invoice (Free shipping within Australia). (via Paypal)

Deposit+Invoice Paypal Plan+OceanShipping(Exc. Au) - as above, OceanShipping fee will be included in the invoice(Free shipping within Australia). (via Paypal)

The open ended invoice via Paypal can provide more flexible payment method for customer.

For example:
Order Time: 01/05/2019
Product stimate release time: Jul 2020

Price: $1899
Deposit: $299(Pay via website)
Later Payment: $1600(Pay via Invoice)

Invoice due date will be: 01/07/2020
Minimum pay each time: $50

I can complete balance within 01/05/2019 to 01/07/2020.
I can pay:
$50 on 21/06/2019
$100 on 03/07/2019
$50 on 08/09/2019,
$70 on 14/11/2019,
$250 on 17/12/2019,
$80 on 01/01/2020,
$50 on 20/01/2020,
$100 on 20/02/2020,
$200 on 25/03/2020,
$150 on 06/04/2020,
$90 on 01/05/2020,
$90 on 28/05/2020
$150 on 19/06/2020,
$170 on 29/06/2020(finish)

You don’t need to pay regularly, you can even full in pay until the last day of the due date.

Due to high frequency update 
of figures, and the release time all different, we usually take full payment for value under $500 AUD. If you want to do open ended Invoice Paypal Plan, please contact us, or

write on remarks, we will send you invoice after you paid deposit.


If you change your mind, you can sell your pre order. 

You can reduce or increase the price to sell.

Once you find the buyer, please contact us immediately, we will transfer the order for you.

For Buyers(who want to buy someone's order) please note that order transfer must be confirmed by us, the seller and the buyer.

Arrival times can be adjusted due to a number of factors including, manufacturing delays, shipping and logistics delays, licensor delays etc. Delays are commonplace in the collectables industry and most often they are beyond Akimomo's control, so all we can do is try to inform you guys and gals as soon as we have information to hand.

Once the later payment is completed, if you want to refund, please refer to the our Refund Policy.

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