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Welcome to the Akimomo! We are an Australian online collectibles store. We are the Official Australian Distributor of Oniri Creations Studios/ Figurama Collectors/ Manas SUM/POP Mart/Tsume Art/PureArts/products.
(Release soon)Venom 2.0 DX Version 1/4 Scale Custom Statue By MVC(50pcs Worldwide) Sale
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(Sold Out)Mihoyo Genshin Impact Bon-bon Bomb Mug Sale
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(Pre-order)LORD OF THE RINGS Chess Set Sale
AU$859.00 AU$959.00
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(Pre-order Closed)Custom statue Carnage By ATF Sale
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(Pre-order Closed)Custom Statue Silver Surfer Marvel Statue By Razor Studio Sale
AU$3099.00 AU$3999.00
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(Released)World of Warcraft Arthas Menethil Red Copper Collectibles By Orgrimmar Sale
AU$899.00 AU$999.00
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(Released)Doctor Plague Bronze Collectibles By Orgrimmar Sale
AU$299.00 AU$399.00
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(Pre-order Closed)Ghost Rider Custom Statue By Last Level Sale
AU$4799.00 AU$5999.00
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(Sold Out)Alien Bronze 11CM By Orgrimmar Studio Sale
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(Pre-order Closed)Vaga bond Sasaki Kojiro by Vaga Studio 1/6 Statue Sale
AU$749.00 AU$829.00
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(Sold out)Custom Statue 2020 Silver Surfer 1/4 Complete Statue Sale
AU$1899.00 AU$2000.00
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(Pre-order)Carnage VS Spider-Man 1/4 Custom Statue Sale
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(Released)Last Level Custom Psylocke Vs. Sentinel Statue Sale
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(Sold Out)HCT&CRC DRAGON BALL GK-Frieza Sale
AU$1400.00 AU$1600.00
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AU$1300.00 AU$1500.00
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